Grinding Services

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Mica-Tron Products Corp. has an extensive selection of grinding equipment available. Our newest grinders are two CNC 11-20 Blanchard Grinders. These two machines were custom built for Mica-Tron Products Corp., by Gallery of Machines, and feature full enclosures and Fagor 8055 CNC controls.

Fagor Automation, in collaboration with Gallery of Machines and Mica-Tron Products Corp., developed software which allows the machines to operate in manual, assisted manual, and fully automatic grinding modes.

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In addition to our CNC machines, we have Blanchard Grinders ranging from the larger 22-42 machine (22" diameter diamond wheel, 42" diameter chuck) to the smaller 11-16 machine.

We have a wide range of standard surface grinders, from small rollerway manual grinders, to large automatic surface grinders.

Mica-Tron has in-house centerless grinding machines, giving us the ability to thru-feed rods up to 1.500" diameter.

We also have an extensive selection of vacuum chucks, and precision work-holding fixtures, all of which can be used on the Blanchard and surface grinders, along with a huge selection of diamond wheel tooling.

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