Conventional Turning

Mica-Tron Products Corp. has a wide selection of manual, and CNC turning machines. Manual turning includes toolroom lathes, Hardinge chuckers, and TFBs. Our CNC turning includes toolroom machines, a large selection of gang tooling lathes, and machines with up to 3” diameter spindle bores. The gang tooling lathes, such as our Hardinge Conquest GT Super-Precision models, offer quick setups, exceptional accuracy (.00001” diameter resolution), and the ability to add live tooling and perform drilling and milling operations.

With hundreds of tool holders available in every geometry, and thousands of inserts in stock, we are prepared to turn your parts immediately. We routinely use solid carbide inserts, as well as PCD (polycrystalline diamond) to increase cutting speed. For example, we have the expertise with set ups and PCD to turn Macor at speeds of 150 SFM and higher – double what is possible with carbide tooling. This saves money and produces your parts faster.