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    Mica-Tron Products Corp. has considerable experience bonding syntactic foams, high pressure laminates, and machinable ceramics. We have the experience necessary for proper surface preparation in order to ensure the best possible adhesion using two-part epoxies, and transfer adhesives.

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  • Custom Services


    When parts require identification marking, Mica-Tron has the in house capability of ink marking, or engraving. Ink marking, using two-part epoxy inks provides a permanent, low cost means of part marking

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  • Custom Services


    Mica-Tron Products Corp. has the ability to install customer specified hardware including a variety of threaded inserts such as helical coil inserts (tanged, or tangless), or solid wall inserts.

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About Us

Founded in 1959 by Dino Tassinari, Mica-Tron Products Corp. continues to specialize in the precision machining of non-metallics. Mica-Tron’s expertise is demonstrated by its consistent ability to machine intricate, close tolerance parts in a wide variety of materials – everything from soft, dimensionally unstable plastics to hard, brittle, extremely abrasive ceramics.


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12,000 ft2 of climate controlled space

Founded in 1959

MACOR® machining

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