Water Jetting

Water jet cutting uses a CNC guided, high pressure stream of water to create a very thin width of cut (kerf) in stock. Our OMAX waterjet is equipped to add abrasive garnet to this stream, allowing us to cut nearly any material, including ceramics, foams, plastics, and composites.

With our 60,000 psi OMAX EnduroMAX pump, we can quickly and efficiently produce your low to medium tolerance parts. These finished parts are typically mostly 2D geometry, cut from flat stock. When higher precision or more complex geometry is required, water jetting is a fast (minimal setup) and efficient (maximum yield) method of producing oversize “blanks”, to be finish machined.

Using our setup software and experienced personnel, we maximize yield by densely nesting your parts, based on their shape as well as the shape of your stock material. Furthermore, at Mica-Tron we exclusively use OMAX’s “micro-nozzle”, which creates a .015” kerf – about half of typical water jetting applications. This saves material and allows cutting of finer, smaller radiused profiles.