Mica-Tron Products Corp. has an extensive selection of grinding equipment available. Our newest grinder is a DCM Tech IG280SD rotary surface grinder which features a 24” chuck, with a 12” diameter diamond grinding wheel.

Our CNC 11-20 Blanchard Grinder, was custom built for Mica-Tron Products Corp., by Gallery of Machines, and features a full enclosure and Fagor 8055 CNC control.

Fagor Automation, in collaboration with Gallery of Machines and Mica-Tron Products Corp., developed software which allows the machine to operate in manual, assisted manual, and fully automatic grinding modes.

In addition to our CNC machines, we have Blanchard Grinders ranging from the larger 22-42 machine (22” diameter diamond wheel, 42” diameter chuck) to the smaller 11-16 machine.

We have a wide range of standard surface grinders, from small 6” X 12” manual grinders, to large 12” X 24” automatic surface grinders.

Mica-Tron has in-house centerless grinding machines, giving us the ability to thru-feed rods up to 1.500” diameter.

We also have an extensive selection of vacuum chucks, and precision work-holding fixtures, all of which can be used on the Blanchard and surface grinders, along with a huge selection of diamond wheel tooling.