MACOR® is a machinable glass ceramic manufactured by Corning Glass Works. Macor® offers designers many of the characteristics desired from ceramics, with the benefit that Macor® can be machined into complex precision parts while using ordinary machine tools, and Macor® requires no post firing after machining.

The key to Macor®’s machinability is its unique microstructure which consists of a highly interlocked array of plate-like mica crystals dispersed within an alumino-borosilicate Machined Parts From Macor Stockglass matrix. As machining occurs: cracks are deflected by the mica, the glass is pulverized, and the material is chipped out in extremely fine pieces, thus preventing catastrophic failure.


Macor® has a continuous use temperature of 800°C and it has a peak no load temperature of 1000°C. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to most metals and sealing glasses, is nonwetting, exhibits zero porosity, and is extremely dimensionally stable. Macor® is an excellent electrical insulator, particularly at elevated temperatures, at high voltages and at varied frequencies. When properly baked out, Macor® will not outgas in vacuum environments.


  • Ultra-High Vacuum environments
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear applications (Macor® is not affected by irradiation)
  • Electrical insulators at elevated temperatures
  • Laser anode caps
  • Semiconductor thermal chucks
  • IC test sockets

Mica-Tron Products Corp. has the experience, equipment and facilities to handle all of your machined Macor® requirements. When you need the performance of a technical ceramic (for properties such as high use temperatures, electrical resistivity, zero porosity, or dimensional stability) and when your application demands a precise, complicated part with a quick turnaround time, Macor® may be the answer.

Mica-Tron’s capabilities include CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC grinding of Macor®. Our part size capability includes micromachining to parts the size of the largest slab of Macor® available.

Tolerance capabilities are a function of part size and machining process. Without taking part geometry into account, it is impossible to accurately list tolerance capabilities. Rest assured that Mica-Tron’s capabilities are unsurpassed and that we have routinely held tolerances that other fabricators have refused to handle.

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